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Camo Beer Koozies

Making your own beer whether from scratch or “semi-scratch” can be a super fun activity to do alone or with a friend or two.  Creating the recipe, deciding on flavors and combining them in the perfect way to achieve your desired result can be a whole lot of work but certainly rewarding and fun as well.  One of the more exciting parts while you’re waiting for the beer to brew is creating your personalized labels and ordering customzied koozies to hand out with your very own bottles of beer!

Beer Koozies

Beer koozies

Personalized Koozies For Beer

Most ready to assemble beer kits don’t give you the option of personalizing the glass or plastic bottles.  Either that, or many of us don’t have the tools necessary to do it. Personalized koozies are a great option for giving your name to your beer.  Order koozies in a variety of colors to pass out to friends as promo or order a small set of customized koozies for you to keep one with each bottle.  Koozies can be personalized in a variety of ways.  Best is to come up with your own logo idea and add a name for your beer as well as the date of your first brew.  Each time you brew a new batch order a new set of beer koozies with your logo and the beer’s name and date to help you remember all the fun combinations you’ve created.


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