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Custom Beer Koozies From
Custom Beer Koozies From

Beer Coolers are just that – Coolers that cool your beer.  Most people who think of beer coolers think about things like Coleman coolers where you put your ice and your beer to keep it cold, but not all people.

One thing is cooling a beer, the other thing is keeping the beer cold once it has been cold.  This is when beer coolers / beer koozies come into play.  Beer Koozies are foam and or fabric products and or neoprene koozies that can be used to insulate a beer.

Neoprene Beer Koozies – Beer Coolers:

Neoprene beer koozies are probably the most effective at maintaining the beer closest to the temperature it is when it leaves the fridge or the cooler.  Neoprene, the same material that wetsuits are made of is a little more expensive that the foam or fabric koozies but in all reality is worth the 10-20% more in price, well that is my opinion of course.


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