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KoozieZ offers a variety of styles, colors, clip art and fonts for your bottle koozies. Read more below!

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Bottle Koozies – Style

KoozieZ offers two different custom koozie styles, including Slip On Bottle Koozie and Zipper Neoprene Bottle Koozie.

Slip On Bottle Koozie

The Slip On Bottle Koozie is made of fabric and easily slips over any 12 oz bottled beverage. Designed with convenience in mind, this slip on bottle koozie keeps hands from getting wet  and keep your drink from getting warm.

Zipper Neoprene Bottle Koozie

The Zipper Neoprene Bottle Koozie is made of neoprene and often referred to as “the cadillac of koozies”. This particular style of bottle koozie comes with a zipper, making your koozie experience both fun and functional. The neoprene koozie’s zipper comes with a ring for fast and easy zippering, a bottom for minimal slip on slick surfaces and is made of high-quality wetsuit material.

Bottle Koozies – Color

Personalize your bottle koozies with color! Color can say a 1000 words, so be sure to think long and hard about your choice! We offer most colors for most styles, including blue, red, green, camo, pink and more!

Bottle Koozies – Clip Art

KoozieZ provides its customers with an extensive clip art library. So, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect image for your koozie. From wedding koozies to sports koozies to koozies for a backyard BBQ, we’re confident that you’ll find all the right tools at KoozieZ to make these custom items more than just a bottle holder, but a memory as well!

Bottle Koozies – Text

Often the last step, text, including the color, font and message, is an important element of your custom bottle koozie design. Take into consideration the message that you want to get across, and whether the bottle koozie is for a corporate, family or charity event, as this will dictate the type of font. Feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! The team at KoozieZ is here to help. Contact us with any and all questions about ordering your personalized bottle koozies!

Contact Us about bottle Koozies

If you’re having trouble finding the clip art and text color you need for your cheap personalized custom bottle koozies, or plain just can’t make up your mind, then feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email!

Please contact us at, at 850-615-1585 or at Skype at kooziez.

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