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Boats N Hoes

Boats and Hoes

Boats N’ Hoes Design

Your best pal is getting married and he asked you to be the best man.  Way to go!  But oh snap, you’ve just realized that means you’re in charge of putting the bachelor party together.  Could be a fun thing but definitely could be a cause of a great deal of pressure as well!  Your buddy is getting married and YOU are in charge of making sure his last night of singledom is an appropriately fantastic bash that will send him spinning on his way into marriage.  He will remember this day for the rest of his life!

Many bachelor parties opt for some type of theme, which tends to make the planning and gathering of items a whole lot easier.  A popular one these days has been the boats and hoes theme, perhaps inspired by the 2008 YouTube smash hit music video, the theme lends itself well to humor and good times.  

We’ve got Boats N Hoes images ready to go!  Order your personalized koozies now, add your buddy’s name and the date of his fiesta on the back and you’ve got the party favors taken care of in under 5 minutes.  Call us to complete your order (518 964 1018) or visit our online order form today!