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The color blue is associated with the nature, as we can see all shades of blue in the sky and the ocean. That makes our blue zipper koozies the perfect choice for all kind of outdoor parties. A royal blue neoprene zipper koozie with white ink designs is a beautiful choice for beach wedding parties. Our navy blue zipper koozie will be a great selection for a business gift or product promotional material.

All of our koozie products are made with high quality materials, such as neoprene which makes them lightweight and foldable. Our koozies are easy-to-carry around and store.

Some people call them beer huggers, others call them coolies and they are the best way to keep your drink chill and your hands dry.

Beach Wedding customized blue neoprene bootle koozies.

Beach Wedding customized blue neoprene bootle koozies.

Here in we work hard to fulfill all of your koozie needs, and we guarantee the most affordable koozie prices for you. Don’t wait anymore and get your blue zipper koozie customized today!

Check all the different shades of blue we offer on our koozies such as Royal Blue Koozies , Blue Foam KoozieZ

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