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How to Host the Best Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

Every year tens of thousands of Christmas parties are thrown in the United States. They range from the standard family get together to the extreme over the top business party. It is becoming very common for these parties to have a theme. One of the more trendy themes over the last several years is to […]

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Need help promoting your organization? Check out

Help! How can I advertise on campus? Oh hello. When you think of ways to promote your club or organization, the first think you think of is probably business cards and pamphlets, fliers or posters. That’s perfectly fine… and also perfectly lame. How many times have you immediately trashed (excuse me, recycled) the brightly colored […]

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5 Essential Strategic Rules Your Company Needs

  How to Make Money by Selling Customized Products in Your Industry Mass personalization and, in turn, customization, is quickly becoming a reality. According to a 2015 study by business advisory firm Deloitte, 36% of consumers saying they are interested in personalized products or services. Not surprisingly, those under 40 are more interested, with 43% […]

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Country Wedding Ideas: 8 Easy & Creative Ideas

Country Wedding Idea 1: Liberally use Cowboy hats: No wedding is truly country without throwing a few cowboy hats into the mix! A few “out of the box” ideas include having the ring bearer and flower girl carry cowboy hats down the aisle, or use them to hold flowers on your wedding tables. Country Wedding […]

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Wedding on a Budget

Create a Beautiful Wedding for Less with These Affordable Tips (spreadsheet and budget calculator enclosed): Wedding Invites: Wedding invitations can be a costly part of any wedding. Luckily, there are some great opportunities to cut costs with DIY options that still provide couples with classy invitations at a fraction of the price. For example, the […]

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What is a Coolie?

Koozie [koo-zee] – noun: A koozie is a neoprene, fabric or foam device that is designed to keep your beverage in your bottle and/or can cold (or hot!) while keeping your hand at a normal temperature. Think of a Koozie like a jacket for your beverage that maintains it at the desired temperature. Your very own portable insulation device!

-Synonyms: koozie, cozy, koozy, coolie, beer hugger, can cooler, huggie, cozie, coozie

At we can customize any koozie so that not only will the koozie serve its purpose as a refreshing beverage temperature regulator, but will show the world that you have your personalized koozies exactly the way you want them!, we’ve got it covered!

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