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Fabric vs Neoprene Coolies

  Collapsible Fabric vs Collapsible Neoprene In the words of Jen, owner and manager of “If you are looking to save a little, go with collapsible fabric. If you are looking to splurge a little, treat yourself to the collapsible neoprene.” -Jen, 2017 coosies, coozies, coolies, huggies, coolers, etc- no matter what you call […]

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50th Birthday Party Ideas

So 50 is a milestone, but not necessarily one that people are crazy excited about crossing. There are two ways to go for this type of birthday party. One, use typical party ideas like “over the hill”, “getting old”, or “gold” – aka the golden birthday, that lightens the mood and creates a fun, joking […]

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The Best 4th of July Party – Everything You Need

Ah, the Fourth. What a time. When all your favorite people gather at someone’s house – preferably the one with the biggest yard and a grill – and commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It’s a day to be proud of our country, enjoy the warmth with friends, and drink lots of beer! […]

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Star Wars Day: May the 4th be With You – Party Tips

Are you ready for May the 4th? Because it’s approaching us quicker than a runaway Ewok on a speeder bike. This isn’t to be taken lightly; it’s a special once-a-year celebration where we can come together to fully appreciate the galaxy far, far away that we all hold so near and dear. And just like […]

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How to Throw a Killer Crawfish Boil Bash: 5 Insider Tips

It’s becoming that time of year again! Yes, you heard right, it’s the end of March, almost the beginning of April which means it’s time to get messy, elbow to elbow with your best buds and go to town your favorite freshwater crustaceans. But how do you throw such a party that is simply irresistible […]

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A Graduation Party to Remember

Graduation parties commemorate a monumental time; it is the celebration of all your hard work paying off and materializing in the form of a high school diploma, or any type of degree, may it be an associate, bachelor, master, or MBA degree – you name it! Whatever it is, you’ve earned a heck of a […]

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10 Secrets to Hosting a Kick-Butt Memorial Day BBQ

Here is a quick guide of the dos and don’ts of all Memorial Day BBQ Parties… Enjoy, and try clicking on the images to see our favorite Memorial Day Coolie design templates! 1. Create a good guest list. Guys, all parties start with a solid guest list… Invite people who you genuinely enjoy spending time […]

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Planning the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

Since learning the gender of your baby is one of the most important milestones, you’ll want to throw a perfect gender reveal party. You’ve wavered between wanting to know and not wanting to know for months, and finally decided to reveal the secret. Now that you know, how do you share this exciting news with […]

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