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All neoprene zipper koozies are very easy to carry around, foldable for easier storage, and colorful.  Zipper koozies keep your bottled drinks cool, also they keep your hands dry.

We specialize in customized koozie designs, but sometimes it is all about the koozie color. That is why we offer you blank koozies without any design on them in vibrant  colors, that can be used at events or business parties. You can include your own logo or text, your sponsor or name of the event.

Order your koozies now because we offer a wide variety of colors, not only the regular basic colors, we also carry camouflage patterns. Check our fantastic hot pink! This is one of our customer top picks for bachelorette and wedding parties.

Blank Neoprene Zipper Bottle Koozie from

Blank Neoprene Zipper Bottle Koozie from

Zipper neoprene koozies are perfect to advertise products, get people to know your logo, decorate a party or give your guests something nice to take home. The problem of cold hands while drinking is solved, zipper koozies are easy to fold and will keep all your drinks at the right temperature.

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