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Do you only want to give away blank foam koozies at your todo a dollar store? No problem, we also have Black Foam Koozie.  This Foam Koozie can be used for anything you need it for. We only suggest the use of foam koozies to hold beer cans and beer bottles, but the world is so creative lately, that who knows how many new ways to use a blank koozie could be?

Please send us your picture with your blank foam koozie and your crazy idea. We won’t give you any price but our facebook page will show you to the world! We also have a Special Party Koozies for any Party Occasion for any time of the year, not only summer.

Blank foam koozies

Blank foam koozies

One of the best uses we give to our blank foam koozies, besides holding delicious cold beer, is to hold all the pens, pilots and pencils that without our blank foam koozies would be all over the desk occupying more space than needed.

Make sure your summer party, promotional event, wedding or product launch is complete with your blank foam koozies.


  • Great business gift
  • Promotion product
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Striking appearance
  • Perfect fit for all cans

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