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How do you know you are buying the best priced koozies when you buy from

For starters:

1.  Shop around.  Go to the other sites, look at other companies, ask for other quotes.  Do your own custom koozies research.

2.  If you want, call us, we will be happy to show you who the competition is, that is how confident we are in our prices.  We readily admit that we are unable to compete with koozie companies from china if people are buys thousands of koozies, but when it comes to a few hundred personalized koozies on the web – we are certain we are the best at that.

3.  If after you buy your beer koozies from and you find a lower price, we will refund the difference.  We keep our word and have never broken it. will beat any price on the web!


Beer Koozies at

Beer Koozies at