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Yea it's a koozie party

Yea it’s a koozie party

Best Koozie Jokes:

How did the Cook get Cold? He cooked without his fabric Koozie

When is it time to say Enough? When the neoprene koozie lost it’s insulation.

How Many Fingers am I holding up? You don’t know, put your koozie and beer down you had enough!

What is Black, white and read all other? A single colored design on a black neoprene koozie

Who went the longest without taking a sip of a Liquid? the guy with a warm beer!

Where did the first man live: Inside a hard foam koozie!

What goes around comes around. So get a koozie and give the gift that just keeps giving!

How many more awesome koozies jokes can I think of…… None, I am just not witty enough. But I just love writing about koozies for a week straight. Koozies are the best when they are customized andf printed with love. Print you very own personalized koozies today!






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