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A Beer Cozy

A Beer Cozy

Beer Cozy…

Yet, another possible way to spell the world Koozie.  If you were to ask the inventor of koozies he would tell you the proper way to spell “Cozy” is with a capital “K” double “O” just like this…. koozie.  Warm Beer was such a problem before there was air conditioning that the men needed to figure out a way to keep the chill in their beer so they personalized them using shoulder pads from their wives blouses.  And koozies will go down in history as the greatest invention ever made.   This story is not true and I just made it up but this customization of shoulder pads could have really happened.

Now a days koozies come in a variety of style and fabrics. offers a few of these options. You can choose from Neoprene, Foam, or Fabric.  They all are great options and will insulate the beer just right.  It is just a matter of what style you like. If you are more into old school you will probably choose the Foam koozie, and if you are more new aged neoprene would probably be your best bet.

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