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Beer Bottle Huggers are perfect promotional products for weddings, sports teams, clubs, schools, birthdays, and events.

Wedding Koozie Spread

Wedding Koozie Spread

This clever product is a beautiful gift for your business associates or clients to promote your company, for example your company logo. Most recently we have added the heat sublimation service to our offered koozie products. This is a space-age process which entails printing the koozie design on a special type of ink which turns to a gas at high temperatures (sublimates). When this occurs it imbues the koozie with a beautiful logo in full color, meaning that we are now able to put photographs on koozies, which are some of our most popular versions. Get yours today.

It is a fancy Beer Bottle Huggers with fancy touch.

You are assured of keeping all your wine at the right temperature The Beer Bottle Huggers Drink cooler is made of neoprene, material of which diving suits are made of. This material isolates and protects. Your wine will keep the right temperature four times longer.

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