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Assorted Colored Bottle Koozies

Assorted Colored Bottle Koozies

Bottle Koozies

Beer Bottle Customized Koozies are the perfect Bottle Koozie to keep your drink cool & Safe.You will be able to keep your beer or bottled drink ice cold without freezing your hand. We offer the best bottle koozie on the market, with your favorite team, brand, or slogan printed on it… if you choose. Our bottle koozie will keep your drink cool and will not freeze your hand off.  Beer Bottles can get very warm but when they are in a koozies they will not. Behold thy koozies, thy shield of your beer.  You will love you beer shield and make it personalized for your wedding and shield your marriage from a lame boring party!

The Beer Bottle Customized Koozie usually made of foam or neoprene or fabric all work well for bottles at these koozies styles will keep the beer insulated from the outside temperature and keeps the beer cold for over forty minutes. Yep! You heard it right here, a whole 40 mintues. Love the koozie your beer in!

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