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The Ultimate Wedding Coolie

The Ultimate Wedding Coolie

Bottle Beer

Personally, bottles are my preferred way of drinking my beer. Something about the glass that gets me every time, so sophisticated and superb. The Beer Bottle is the the best way to drink beer.  Coolies are very important to the cooling process.

Marriage and Bottle Beer

I was once engaged to a man that I was deeply in love with. We were engaged for 5 years before we broke up. This may sound silly but once I found out that he ONLY drinks can beer I know it was over. I mean, how could I live the rest of my life with a man that like Canned Beer. The bottle is SO much better and that I just couldn’t do it. No one could ever be my husband until I know he hated canned beer as much as I do. I am looking for the best and bottle beer is the best. You know, maybe… I should just create a personalized bottle koozie, possibly a neoprene one since they last for life, and would be my soul mate.

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