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That's My Beach Koozie

That's My Beach Koozie

Surf’s Up and Drinks are Cold!!!

Surfing is my hobby of choice and drinking warm anything after makes my face scrunch. I contacted to custom koozify  a coolie for me. I was just getting so sick of drinkin warm liquids with a salty taste in my mouth. I just had ENOUGH.  Brian answered the phone when I called. He said, “Thank you for calling this is Brian can I help you!” I studdered at first because the long “O” just made me chuckle.  He was such a helpful young chap. He took down all my information and told me that the word COWABUNGA was a very popular surf term used in New Zealand and that it would be very original in the States, so I said whip it up for me and can you send me a proof before I pay. He said of course and we hung up the phone. 10 minutes later he wrote me back. Not only was I impressed with his timely manner but the koozie quote was cheap and the proof was awesome. He knew just what I wanted, it was like he was in my mind!

Thanks Brian at you solved my warm beverage problem.

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