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Bottle Koozies For a Barbeque

Spring turns to summer and there’s a certain buzz in the air.  People are excited to get out of work at the end of the day and enjoy the warm weather.  Friends and family members gather for refreshing beverages with personalized koozies on them to keep them nice and cool.  Family get togethers and friendly barbeques are planned throughout the summer months.  Customized koozies are an integral part of your summer celebrations to make people feel more comfortable, keep them happy and more importantly add to their koozie collection!

neoprene custom koozie

neoprene custom koozie

How Do I Design My Barbeque Koozies?

The important things to keep in mind when designing your personalized koozies are your audience, your event and what message you’d like to communicate.  Planning a barbeque more geared towards a work function? The classic foam koozie stands on its own and has a large, wide print area.  Put business logos on one side and the date and a slogan on the other for co-workers to take home with them.  Friendly barbeques benefit from the laid back style of the collapsible fabric koozie, economical, flexible and easy to store.  For family barbeques choose one of the more polished neoprene styles; spend a little extra on your loved ones!


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