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Submitting Your Own Foam kooziez Artwork:

Step 1: Select the picture and/or text you would like to print on your koozie and put it in the design box below.

Step 2: Make sure your design fits the box (not the other way around, do not change box size to fit your design). When using text, use typical Microsoft fonts larger than 12 pt. font.

Step 3: Save this page with your art and filename and please review our good artwork vs. bad artwork on the website. Make sure your artwork falls into the category of good artwork.

Step 4: If you are printing double sided KoozieZ please be sure to submit two separate artwork pages.

Step 5: Send your art attached in an email to and please reference your order number.

Use the design box below to submit your foam KoozieZ design with the appropriate size requirements!

Foam koozie design box

Foam koozie design box

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Foam koozie Design Instructions