A Graduation Party to Remember

Graduation parties commemorate a monumental time; it is the celebration of all your hard work paying off and materializing in the form of a high school diploma, or any type of degree, may it be an associate, bachelor, master, or MBA degree – you name it! Whatever it is, you’ve earned a heck of a party with all your favorite people. And what better way to celebrate than with customized graduation Coolies? Besides, what’s a good party without nice cold drinks that don’t become room-temperature 15 minutes after unscrewing the lid or popping the cap off? A pretty bad one, I’ll tell you that right now!

It’s important to note that Coolies are not only for beer cans or bottles – soda, water, and juice come in the same type of container. That being said, just because most high school graduations are majorly comprised of underaged kids (unless it’s a family party), doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the cup-cooling fun! Phew! Customize your high school beer cooler with your own unique ideas. If you’re having a creative block, here are some pre-sculpted ideas.

1. Funny teacher coosies with caricatures of your most memorable teachers. We all know the teachers made or broke our high school experiences. They either made class fun, tolerable, or an utter mess, and they were the ones that graded us (aka decided whether we got money or grounded when progress reports came around). Therefore, we deserve a few hours to either honor them or get our anger out! Not to mention it’s a great conversation starter: who’s teacher Coolie did you choose and why? Another note about this potential theme: if you don’t want to design all the Coolie yourself, make an event out of it and order some blank Coolie. All you’ll need to provide are some fabric markers so you and your friends can draw your own!

2. School supply themed. Make sure people know what kind of part they’re walking into by having school supply decorated clothes for your drinks! After all, graduation wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these crucial guys, am I right, or am I right?

3. Inspirational phrases for the future. Graduating high school is a huge moment in everyone’s lives. Some people know where they’re headed; maybe it’s grad school, maybe it’s a gap year. But a lot of the time, students graduate unsure of what their future holds. Inspirational phrases are a great way to put a positive spin on this uncertain and intimidating time. By the way, happy and inspired guests leads to a much funner fiesta!

As for graduation parties for college, university, or grad school, the options are infinite. Make sure to have the most killer grad party that all your friends will prioritize by choosing the right theme and advertising. Since everyone graduates at the same time, it’s common to have to pick and choose which party you want to attend. How will you ensure all your friends and fellow classmates will attend yours? Have cool and unique Coolie that will act as both coolers for your guests’ drinks and party favors for lifetime use! Here are some obvious ideas to help get the wheels turning.

1. Although seemingly the most obvious option, it’s still the most appropriate and understandable: career themed. Did you graduate with accounting or business? Design your Coolie with numbers or money… Everyone loves money! International relations or anthropology? How about world or travel themed Coolie?

2. Greek life themed. Did you take part in greek life? Customize your Coolie to represent your fraternity/sorority, whether its Delta Gamma, Sigma Pi Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Gamma, etc.

3. Name themed. Since these Coolie have a dual purpose of keeping beverages cold at the party and also party favors, make them so each of your friends have their own personalized Coolie with their name on it. Not only will they know who’s is who’s, but no one would also want to steal it! Double whammy!

4. Autograph Themed. People say you meet the people you’ll be friends with the rest of your life in college. These are the friends you hand-picked and lasted years living with them or near them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’ll continue to live in close proximity to you post-graduation. After college and/or grad school is when people’s lives truly begin. Maybe they’ll travel the world, move to a different state, or move back closer to home. Either way, chances are you won’t see these close friends as often as you’re used to. What better way to remember your friends by than having them sign your Coolie?! Order plain Coolie with the class year on it, then all you need are some fabric markers so your friends will forever be remembered.

How to Choose Which Theme

Before you get into the nitty gritty of all the details, you must first decide what the demographic of your party will be. This will help you decide which theme is best for your party.

High School Family Party

Is this a family party for your kid who just graduated high school that will be mostly made up of family members and the best friends of your child? Then perhaps the safe route is the best route. School supply themed would probably be most appropriate for this party.

High School Friend Party

Is this grad party for the friends of your child? In this case, the teacher themed or inspirational phrase themed Coolie are best for you to spice up the party.

College/Grad School Party

If you’re throwing a college or grad school party, you’re an adult by now and are most likely planning your own party. You must decide what kind of party you desire. Do you want a more serious vibe? Maybe the career or name theme is best. Did greek life run your college experience? Perhaps this is the theme you’d be most passionate and excited about. If you’re feeling sentimental, choose the autograph theme so you can make sure to never forget your closest friends.

Now you should be fully equipt with the knowledge to plan the most alluring grad party in history! There’s nothing left to do but sit down and decide the demographic and what mood you want to set. Get excited and get motivated! As my good friend, Gandhi once said, be the change you wish to see in the world. Cheers!

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