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Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney, the main stay on 60 Minutes, is retiring.  He has been ending the show of 60 Minutes for about three centuries with his final thoughts about everything from pointless American Pop to serious American Issues.  I remember watching Andy as a kid and he looked older than my Grandfather then, who FYI passed away 12 years ago, thinking he was going to have to retire immediately and or kill over dead.  But the ageless wonder has continued to amaze me since I was 5.

I use to look forward to watching Rooney every Sunday after the afternoon NFL Games and only being disappointed that the show was over; which generally meant bedtime.

I do however have one complaint with Andy.  Andy in your 100+ years of service, I have yet to see a mailbag statement on Koozies.  I do not know why you hate koozies so much, but we love you nonetheless.  Koozies are a great product for promotional items and would have been a great piece on 60 minutes.

So Andy, if you ever want to do a special show, let me know and I will be happy to send you some free custom koozies.