50th birthday koozies

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50th Birthday Coolies

50th Birthday Clipart

Design for 50th Birthday Coolies

Congratulations, you’re half of a 100!  Doesn’t it feel weird to think of it that way?  If any major birthday deserves a big celebration, this one is it!  At 50 you are ripened to perfection, aging gracefully and taking life less seriously.  You understand there’s fun to be had out there and you’re ready to get going and make up for all that time lost working hard in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

This classy vintage circle design makes a unique impression on your customized Coolies.  Add your name and date of birth on the back side and pass them out to guests who attend your celebration.  If you’re not quite sure what type of design you’re looking for, have no fear, the Coolie team is here!

KoozieZ.com has the best and most personal customer service around.  We will work with you to create as many design proofs as you’d like and won’t print anything until we have your confirmation, 100%.  Give us a call (518 964 1018) and see what it means to work with a boutique website instead of a large warehouse company!  We promise we won’t disappoint!

Birthday Coolies are trending party favors. Why? Because they are cheap, so you can gift every guest; they are good looking too, so your custom 50th birthday beer coolies are a stunning decorative element that will make the difference at your bash; they catch everybody's attention and nobody can resist them. Finally, coozies are useful gifts, so they will not only give your birthday party a special touch, but they will also play one of the most important roles- they keep beers icy cold for longer while hands are safe from getting soaked. Furthermore, it means you can enjoy real cold beers in the comfort of a warm, fun and soft cover with no rush! Just relax and have the most wonderful time with your custom birthday beer coolers!

What about Coolies quality? If excellent quality is important to you, then you are exactly in the right place. Our insulating materials are the best, so choose your favorite for your custom Coolies. We have the classic neoprene and flexi fabric for all kinds of containers, zipper fabric and zipper neoprene for glass bottles and the classic hard foam for beer cans. Have you tried our coozies before? Yes, and you already know that when it comes to designing and printing service we are second to none! Happy customers and successful events are our goals.

Remember that Coolies are long lasting and you can use them at your party and over and over again. Collapsible coozies are so very easy to store and you can take them with you everywhere and anytime you want a chilly cold beer. Unfold and have your coolies in shape again! Isn’t it awesome?

Are you ready to place your coosie order? Get started now and keep a loving memory of your 50t h birthday bash. Let everyone drink in style with your unique birthday Coolies and change the way you enjoy beers forever.