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32 Ounce Personalized Stadium Cups

ItemID #0040

To order 32 Ounce Cups With Your Design, please email, or call 518-964-1018.

The total cost of all orders include the price per cup depending on the chart below, a $50 art, screen and set up fee, and shipping @$15.00 per 100 cups.

Personalized cups and custom koozies go practically hand-in-hand!  They can be a major money saver for the party planner, especially for large-scale events with an open bar.  Order cups and koozies in a variety of colors.  Serve guests drinks in the customized cups.  Serve guests can and bottle beverages in personalized koozies.  Having the variety of colors and beverages will ensure guests can more easily keep track of their drinks!  If a guest can use his koozie or plastic stadium cup to identify his beverage he’ll be more likely to finish it and less likely to be at the bar every 5 seconds ordering another.

32 Ounce Personalized Stadium Cups Prices

Quantity Ordered Web Price
25 $0.99
50 $0.95
100 $0.79
250 $0.77
500 $0.71
1000 $0.65
2500 $0.55
5000 $0.48
10000 $0.45

Ensuring guests finish their beverages will help keep your open bar costs way down!  Make keeping track of your drink a fun activity.  Create a fun design for koozies and plastic stadium cups that has a white square with “This drink belongs to:” printed above it.  Guests will have fun writing their names and nicknames on the plastic cups and koozies they receive.