16 Ounce Tall Slim Can Fabric

16 Ounce Tall Slim Can Fabric Koozies

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Here you are a larger version of your beloved KOOZIE® & COOLIES: 16 Ounce Tall Slim Can Fabric!

Now you can enjoy your chilly cold energy drinks in a real fit cover, and as every KOOZIE® & COOLIES we offer, your slim can coolies are also customizable. What size cans can you slide this coolie over? Well, our favorite is the 16 oz red bull cans. Why KOOZIE® & COOLIES? Because they are cheap, handsome and useful, so you can keep your drinks icy cold for long while your hands remain warm and dry. What else? Cozys are trending coolers because they give your event or reunion a special touch and nobody can resist them! What are your needs? Maybe you are going on vacations and want to be in the spotlight, perhaps you want to surprise everybody at your family reunion, BBQ, birthday party, etc or maybe you are thinking of advertising your company and take your logo to a higher level; in any case, printing on your custom slim can fabric KOOZIE® & COOLIES is very fast, but easy and fun as well! Do you have your own coosie design? Good! Describe it in detail by filling our form and upload any images, logos, pictures, vignettes, etc and submit to get a coolie proof in less than an hour. Preview it, make any necessary changes and approve your coosie proof only when being a hundred percent certain of it! What’s next? Get your personalized 16 Ounce Tall Slim Can Fabric KOOZIE® & COOLIES and start drinking in style! Would you like to make some questions now? No problem, we will be glad to give you a professional hand via email at jen@kooziez.com or cal Jen at 518 964 1018. You will be really surprised with the customer service that only kooziez.com can bring you! Is quality important to you? Then this is the website for you, as our designing and printing service is our top priority!