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16 Ounce Personalized Fluted Stadium Cups – Tall

Item ID #0038

To order 16 Ounce Fluted Stadium Cups Personalized, please email, or call 518-964-1018.

The total cost of all orders include the price per cup depending on the chart below, a $50 art, screen and set up fee, and shipping @$15.00 per 100 cups.

Looking for some fun activities for your children’s next party?  Group decorating and arts and crafts projects are always a huge hit!  Order plastic stadium cups and koozies with no printing on them and make them a part of the day’s big activity.  Add some fabric pens and waterproof markers and you’ve got a hit on your hands!  Kids can use puff paint to create their own personalized koozies!  Waterproof markers will glide easy on the stadium cups and won’t come off in the next wash.

16 Ounce Personalized Fluted Stadium Cups – Tall Prices

Quantity Ordered Web Price
25 $0.95
50 $0.89
100 $0.69
250 $0.65
500 $0.59
1000 $0.54
2500 $0.49
5000 $0.45
10000 $0.39

Not sure you’d like to deal with the mess of setting up and cleaning an art project for 20 kids?  Customized koozies make a wonderful party favor!  Customize koozies with your child’s name, the date of his party and his favorite cartoon character.  The collapsible neoprene koozie fits snugly on just about any sippy cup!  Or, for even more personalized fun, order personalized stadium cups and kids can use the koozies with the cups.  Having something personalized, with your very own name on it, lends a little extra fun to a party for kids and grown-ups alike!