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Collapsible 12 oz Koozies

The regualr size of a 12 oz can is 12 ounces! Order today with koozieZ.com

12 Ounces

12 Ounces


Only 12oz Cans???

If you are nervous about buying koozies and wanting to use them for something more than a 12 ounce can, have no worries koozies can be used for a lot of different can or bottle sizes.  I have the hick-ups right now and if I had a 12 ounce can sitting in a koozie I would be able to bend over and take a sip of the drink and without spilling it on myself.  I have a personalized koozies customized especially for my hick-ups.  Oh! I just want my hick-ups to go away. Wedding koozies work really well for the hick-ups too so do foam koozies, I really need to get rid of these hick-ups. Hold on please while I take a sip out of my 12 ounce can my friend just brought me. I first need to put it into my collapsible can koozie. I am just dying over here. AHHHHH! much better the koozie did it’s magic like usual and soaked up my koozies into the neoprene. Neoprene koozies are super awesome and I love how they work with my hick-ups. They are the ONLY thing that helps me!!!!!

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