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About Custom KOOZIES® & COOLIES.

How is different than other sites offering similar products?

Simple answer; we are the number 1 company on the web. We offer a zero questions, no hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee! The best part? See a mock-up of your design before you buy, with zero obligation! has a very straight-forward and simple belief: NO ONE should ever pay for anything (EVER!) until they have seen a proof of the product KOOZIE® or COOLIE they wish to purchase. Thus, offers free design proofs of their Custom KOOZIES® or COOLIES for anyone who requests one! Request yours right away and get started on the personalizing your perfect design. Here’s the link to get straight to our design proof request form:

How do I request a free design proof?

To request a free KOOZIE® or COOLIE design proof, simply visit any of the product pages, click on the “request a free proof” photo at the top of our home page, or visit any of the pages on our website and fill out the required information in the form you’ll see. We keep it as simple as possible! We basically need: your name (first is fine but including a last name helps us keep you even better organized!), your email address (this is where we will email you the design proof), and any indications you would like us to know about the design you wish to have.

Common design indications for customizing your coolies will include names, dates, event locations, other text, images, clip art, etc. Don’t hesitate to upload a photo of a font you like, a style you’re going for or just a color you think is neat. Feel free to just provide a little direction or none at all and one of our certified designers will do the rest!

If we want to edit our KOOZIE® or COOLIE design do we have to pay for it?

No! There is zero cost to edit your design, completely change your design or even add a design to your possible order. We’ll go back and forth on edits as many times as you’d like with absolutely no requirement for purchase prior to receiving your design updates. Practice makes perfect and we sure do like to practice!

We have had customers request over 50 edits to a design (when you want perfection, we will help get you there J) and we happily worked with them until it was just as they had hoped! We at recognize that everyone is different and we want to be sure you’re in love with your order and our company at least as much as we are! (Note: the average person generally requests edits no more than a few times, we are pretty good at what we do J but suggestions are always welcome!).

Once my design is perfect do I have to buy?

No! There is zero obligation to buy! When you are ready you can of course buy but there is ZERO obligation. If you’re not ready yet and need some time, we’ll save your design under the reference number we include with your design proofs. Just contact us and use your reference number whenever you’re ready to continue with edits and/or your order and we’ll reply back right away!

Is the number one company on the web?

Yes, we are number 1, by a LONNNNNGGG SHOT Compared to our competition! You can check out our independent reviews at Trustpilot. They can be seen here

Note: we average 95% 5 star, the next highest of our competition is not even above 60%. That is a massive difference! Email us today and see why customers like that we’ll happily go the extra mile to make sure your order process is smooth as it can be. We guarantee our product quality 100%! We guarantee our delivery dates 100%! We guarantee our print and stitching 100%! We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, this is why we are almost 100% 5 star reviews!

Is the cheapest on the web?

Yes and No is the answer. We do have a best price guarantee for all our Custom coolies but only if the Company we are competing against is USA made and printed! A lot of cheap companies who print abroad disguise themselves as a “USA made and printed company”, and frankly they are not. We know who they are and will not compare ourselves to them. True champions do not lower their standards of quality or American made just to make a buck! We take pride in what we do and it shows in both our customer service and our product!

Who orders from

Frankly, we have printed all types of Custom KOOZIES® AND COOLIES for all types of occasions. They include, business promotional products, birthday parties, bachelor parties, wedding parties, BBQs, corporate events, funerals, memorials, fundraisers, College and University, Fraternity and Sorority! Just about anything you can think of. We have a design team on staff 14 hours a day and during our down time, we work hard to be sure we’re up to date on the latest design trends, party ideas, font combinations and are working hard at making ourselves just a little bit better than we were the day before

How do you print you Coolie?

We have two different print options for our customized can coolies. You can choose a single ink screen print design or heat sublimation (also known as full color print). Single ink screen print tends to be a bit more economical and designs are a bit more simple and straight-forward. Your average heat sublimation design will often take advantage of the print process and include a photograph, a custom Coolie color (or even patterned!) background, a logo with several colors, or in general, the possibilities are endless with sublimation design!

Can you do more than one ink color with screen print? You sure can but there are very few designs that tend to qualify for this option. Not sure which is right for you? Don’t hesitate to ask your sales person for possibilities in both screen print and heat sublimation! We’ll happily send over a few proofs (remember, no cost!) and a few corresponding quotes so you can compare and contrast and choose the design that works best with the budget you’re hoping for.

What materials are your coolies made from?

Our Coolie styles are available in both a soft open cell foam or neoprene option. The soft open cell foam is about 3mm thick, has the stitching sewn on the inside and is generally our more economical option. The neoprene is a wet-suit-like material with stretch in it, is about 2mm thick and has an x-pattern stitching on the outside. The neoprene material has a smoother surface and prints a bit better with fine details.

What are some trends you see for KOOZIES® & COOLIES in 2019?

We are really excited to keep working with our customers and tuning our “listening” skills even more! We’ve been hard at work with seminars, group discussions and mini-lessons on how we can make our team not only stronger but better able to serve you! We take all the feedback we received in 2018 and work hard to incorporate that into our plan for 2019. Our designers have had even more practice not only in their skills but honing their specific strengths in the areas they prefer.

Our sales team is really motivated to stay on top of getting you a reply within a few hours and making sure they address all of your questions and concerns in their responses. Our management team is working on better and more efficient ways to help you should you have a problem with an order! The team, as a whole, of course would like you to be happy, so if we learn more, you get better service! Thanks so much for supporting our vision and choosing to work with our company!

What is the history of

Since you made it this far, I’ll go ahead and paint the long picture for you! was founded 15 years ago by a young couple traveling the world. They had a brilliant idea to bring a product that keeps beverages cold, cold, cold to countries that have temperatures that are consistently hot, hot, hot! They started with some fabulous ideas and great designs and campaigned hard day and night to get their products in front of the customers who would surely love them. They simultaneously created a website platform so they’d be ahead of the curve and be able to offer their fabulous future customers an easy way to complete their orders!

Alas, the day to day sales in the hot, tropical country took off and a new egg hatched and their website blossomed into a beautiful, bouncing business that they came to care for almost as much as their beloved dog. Days, months and years passed and the developed quickly from balancing a laptop on their knees while fulfilling orders to an actual office space. The reason the company grew is simple, the company was run by a small group of honest, hardworking individuals, who loved what they did. They took all of the knowledge they had from personal online shopping experiences (especially the better half who has always been especially good at shopping) and tried to make a site and an experience that mimicked the best of the best of all their previous online experiences. A way to see your design before having to pay first! A real live person you can talk to, get to know and communicate with who doesn’t just reply with template emails and a dry transaction. An easy way to process your order with constant follow up to make you feel confident that you haven’t been taken for a ride. We know so many of you just from the wonderful communication we’ve had and we wouldn’t have it any other way. How enjoyable it is each and every day to help someone excited to embark on their own design venture, personalizing their very own event or getting their first business off the ground. We so appreciate each and every one of the experiences we have with you (the good because that’s nice and the bad because we learn!) and hope you’ll continue to work with us for many years to come. Cheers! #KEEPITCOVERED #CUSTOMKOOZIES® #CUSTOMCOOLIES