Koozie Puppy Love

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never had a dog!

dog with a koozie cute

One of our beloved KoozieZ.com customers posted on our Facebook Page:

“The co-captain of the bar boat can’t wait for his new kooziez to arrive. Here he is with his favorite from the last order.”

We’re jumping into wedding season, and selling a lot of wedding koozies.  Not getting married?  Heck, I’m not getting married either.  But that doesn’t mean you and I can’t enjoy awesome personalized custom koozies.  Koozies are perfect for you business.  This cute pup is the co-captain of a floating bar in Raquette Lake, New York.  We design and print koozies for dogs and people!  And guess what?  Everyone loves our koozies!  Koozies are fun for BBQ’s, fundraisers and giveaways too.  You can always find a reason to buy beer koozies for this summer!

ALL My Best,


Koozies – St. Patrick’s Day Style

Top O’ The Morning To Ya!

st. partricks day koozie heart of gold style

The best part of my job is working with the customers.  People like you!  I feel honored that something we design together is the center piece for an event.  I feel incredibly lucky, some may say, I have the luck of the Irish.  How will you spend your St. Patrick’s Day?  In your office?  I hope you enjoy your job as much as I do!  At the bar?  Will you bring your favorite koozie to the bar?

Side Note: Have you ever brought a koozie to the bar?  Bigger Side Note: Does your favorite bar hand out koozies?  I love to bring cheap beer koozies to the bar.  They keep my drink colder longer and the designs are divine!  It’s a good pickup line too.  Oh, yeah, this was from my best friend’s bachelorette party.  Oh, no… I’m still single.  Oh, you like the design.  Yeah, I designed it for her with the help of KoozieZ.com.

Wherever you decided to spend the day, may flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.  May Songbirds serenade your every step along the way.  May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue, and may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.  Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!   :)



mint and lemon etsy shop image tumblersSome combinations not only look lovely, but taste lovely together too. Mint & Lemon is one of those combinations. It’s a timeless, savory combination and the inspiration for our newest sister company. KoozieZ.com is proud (and ecstatic!) to introduce Mint & Lemon. Please check the store front! Mint & Lemon specializes in the same beautiful and unique designs as Kooziez.com, but displays the koozie products in a format that is easy to share with your family and friends.  When you create an Etsy account, you can favorite our shop. Whenever we add a new design (tons will be added in the coming weeks) you will be notified. Similar to Facebook you will be altered of the shop activity. M & L is committed to fresh new ideas which is why we be adding new designs each week. We have design ideas for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday’s, baby shower’s, holiday theme, summer theme and fundraiser/business koozies.  If you don’t see something you like, or want to make changes to a design, we’re available to work with you and make all changes. With 15+ koozie colors and 55+ ink choices you are sure to find a winning combinations.  M & L offers the same 100% guarantee and is committed to beautiful koozies.

Spring Koozie Season

We’re busy as a beaver, building a new dam.

beaver with cheap beer koozie We’re busy as a bee or  busy as a cat on a hot tin roof, busy as a one-armed paperhanger or busy as Grand Central station. Spring and summer is the perfect time of year to spend the day outside with a cold beer. So, what do you need to enjoy your cold beer for longer? A cool Koozie! But not any old koozie. Okay, maybe it’s cool, but it could be cooler. Personalize koozies for your summer event!

This beaver is handing out personalized beer koozies to all his beaver friends.  It’s a fun giveway gift. All the damn beavers are getting one! You should hand them out to your friends too! Everyone is doing it this year!

As always… ALL MY BEST!!




Worst Advice Ever Koozie Edition

The first day of spring is next week, so that means it’s that time of year again!  Daylights saving time: Spring forward.  If you follow Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto, on Twitter I hope you didn’t follow his advice.  He told his followers to set their clocks back an hour (aka fall back) instead of SPRING forward.  In light of the worst advice ever, so far this year, I’ve complied a list of the worst Koozie advice ever.

Worst Advice Ever Koozie Edition

1. Keep your koozies in the bathtub. Neoprene koozies are made out of the same material as scuba gear!

2. Quit your job and frequent bars that giveaway free koozies.

3. Customize a koozie your wedding, but spell your last name wrong!

4. Legally change your last name to Koozie

5. Cuddle with your favorite koozies at night- they keep your drinks cool, but your bed hot and steamy!

last name koozies meme


What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

As always comment & share!

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Koozie Inventions

I like shortcuts.  I like driving shortcuts, keyboard shorcuts and cooking shortcuts.  Because I’m such a shortcut oriented person, I often think, “Hey, someone needs to invent a thingy for this-or-that.”  Last night, a group of friends went out to dinner.  I gave her, what I think is, two really funny gifts.  I gave her koozies (duh!) and a tea bag squeezer. It’s a shortcut for drinking tea and a neat invention.  Maybe even more appropriately, a gadget to make your life easier.  Who wants to touch a gross tea bag?  And if you want to get the most out of your money (and your tea bag) squeeze the crap out it!

Koozies are beverage gadgets that make your life easier.  Luke warm drinks are a huge pet peeve of mine!  Koozies are a really neat invention!  What’s even better?  There are plenty of koozie inventions.  Koozies come in all different sizes, so you can enjoy the invention with your favorite beverage.  The small can koozie fits Red Bulls cans.  The large energy can koozie fits Monster cans and Arizona Iced Tea cans.  There are even koozies that fit your mason jar and water bottle!

If only we could invent a koozie that fits a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream container….

As always… Comment, Ask Questions, Email!water-bottle-koozie-seize-your-moment




Koozie Hand Sanitizer

Top 5 Places Hand Sanitizer Comes In Handy

cheap koozies cool use hand sanitizer1. Work- I like to decorate my hand sanitizer bottle with my favorite koozie.  Baseball season is right around the corner, and so, I’ve been using customers baseball koozies.  I also demand that anyone who walks into the office gets a squirt.

2. Grocery Store- Before, after and during. Enough said.

3. Restaurants- See above.

4. In the Car- When I sit in traffic, my mind wonders… what should I post to Facebook tomorrow? Do I really have to give away birthday party favors?  Why are leprechaun’s so short?  JUST DRIVE! After awhile, I start thinking about germs- I need hand sanitizer.

5. At My Boyfriends Apartment- Honestly. It could be any of my male friends. I don’t like to touch anything. It’s gross.

Do you carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer? If you could design a koozie for hand santitizer, what would it look like?



All MY Best,


Koozies- Love/Hate Relationship

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with music.  Why?  Because I’m one of those “moody” people you try to avoid.  I’m not talking about the kind of person you see in the grocery store with the “bitch face”.  Why is she so pissed off at the cheese?  Really, what did the blue cheese ever do to you?  It’s a delicacy lady!  I’m moody, which is a whole other ball game, bitch faced people can’t help it.  I can help it!  I can change my mood based on music.  Yes, music, and that’s why it’s a love hate relationship.  I get exactly what I want from music.  If it’s a sad song- I’m sad.  Angry song?  I’m angry! Lovely dovey song, I’m cudding on the couch with my boyfriend.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Koozies too. Why? Because I’m one of those “moody” people you try to avoid.  Sensing a pattern?  I get exactly what I want out of my koozies.

I’m going to go ahead and say it, koozies keep my drink cold for wayyyyyyyyy too long!  Yes, too long!  I used to spend my evening chugging beers, trying to hurry up, and finish before it got luke warm and nasty.  Now, I can leisurely drink my beer, and enjoy House of Cards.  Before I know it- the credits are rolling and I’m binging on the next episoide with my cheap beer koozie. It’s cheap and my beer is still cold 3 episodes in the 2nd series! I used to overindulge. Now, I’m getting what I paid for.  I have a love/hate relationship with my koozie.

What do you love to hate? Music? Koozies?

personalized koozies, cheap beer koozie, can koozieAll MY best,



Hashtag Design for Wedding Koozies

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at your Wedding


wedding koozie design with hashtag

#hashtag your wedding koozie design

Step  1— Come up with a unique hashtag

#TheMillerWedding  #RonAndLilyForever  #MedowGardensRLWedding


Step 2— Design a personalized wedding koozie with your unique hashtag




Liven up your wedding!  Instead of using the age old, disposable camera at every table, try something modern and classy.  Using Instagram at your wedding is easy way to connect your guests.  Users do not have to be friends in order to share photos- just assign a unique hashtag.


Within the app, guests can post photos with your hashtag.  Using the search function, or by simply selecting the hashtag, guests can see all the photos that have been posted during the ceremony and reception.  Collecting a large range of photographs from your wedding has never been easier.  Let your guests know what the hashtag is by printing it on a koozie.  No one will be scrambling to the front of the reception to find the sign with printed hashtag. When you customize your own wedding koozies, the koozie will always be a glance or arms reach away.


Top 7 Reasons to Use Social Media at Your Wedding


1.  It’s fun!  Can you image the accompanying hashtags??

#GrandmaFoundADate #BathroomSelfies #Dapper #WorkIt


2.  Long lasting. Imagine going back to look at the Instagram photos the next morning, a week later, a year later, 5 years later, ect.


3. Beautiful photos. Most of your guests aren’t professional photographers, but Instagram can change that.


4. Community atmosphere.  On Facebook, your friends and family can easily add one another- without knowing first and last names.  It’s an easy way to create a friendly atmosphere.


5. All ages. It’s easy to Instagram! Set-up a sign that details how to use the app. Include the venue wifi password, and how to download the application.


6. Free.  Disposable cameras are cheap, but developing the film is another story.  Instagram is free!


7. Conversation. Twitter is great for sharing quick antadoates and funny stories. Get everyone in on the conversation by encouraging your guests to use your hashtag.


I know what some of you are thinking…


Why would I want to ruin my beautiful wedding koozie with a hastag right smack in the middle!? U-G-L-Y! If I haven’t convinced you yet, we can print the hashtag on the bottom of the koozie.  Whenever your guests tip back their drink, the hashtag will be visible.  Digitally memorialize your wedding with a hashtag on your wedding koozie. We can help you design your personalized wedding koozie from the ground up! What unique hashtag will you choose for your wedding?  Have you been to a wedding that used hashtags?  Was it successful?  Will you use a hashtag at your wedding?


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Koozie Birthday Party Ideas

What is the best birthday party gift? What is the best birthday party favor

KOOZIES! What did you expect?! Here are 5 reasons why koozies should make an appearance at your next birthday party.

  1. Birthday Gift—The recipient will be super surprised!  My favorite idea is to give this at a surprise birthday party.  Koozies are perfect for milestone birthdays—  30th, 50th, 70th, ect.
  2. Quotable—“I’m not getting old. I’m getting better.” “It took Diane 50 years to look this good.”
  3. Party Favor—All your guests leave with something they can use again.  The koozie is a reminder of how awesome your party was too.
  4. Add a Picture—Did you know we can print a photograph on a koozie?  Add a baby picture on your customizable birthday koozie.
  5. Appropriate for all ages—You can fit a baby bottle in a koozie- honestly!  Not only that, koozies are great for little kid’s birthday parties.

What is your favorite idea birthday koozie idea?

As always, share this blog post with your friends!

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